We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the upcoming changes with regard to

T-cleats for AWS 50 – AWS 75 Window Systems:

Due to increasing strength requirements through the use of triple pane insulating glass and functional insulating glass as well as ever greater fittings loads, T-cleats will be fitted with an additional fixing screw (or more, depending on width) in the outer profile component from November 2015.

This type of design is already in use today in the Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Profile System and has proven itself in numerous projects.

The additional screw connection point strengthens the T-joint, particularly for the load of a heavy fixed light.

The T-cleats with the new design have new article numbers (as per enclosed list).

The change will take place in November 2015. Only the new design will be available after this change.

Similarly, the fabrication guidelines have been adapted for t – cleats fabricated by the customer.

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