PVCu Casement Windows from REHAU


REHAU PVCu casement windows offer a comprehensive range of window styles, suitable for all types of buildings. All offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency as well as a choice of aesthetics.


Available in REHAU TOTAL70 70mm, REHAU Tritec 60mm and Nordic Design Plus, REHAU PVCu casement windows offer a wide choice of styles and colour finishes, which will fulfil the requirements for a variety of applications both in new build and refurbishment projects.

REHAU PVC window designs are supplied through a network of selected independent fabricators and installers, ensuring that you obtain the services of a local company backed by the resources of a global company.


The REHAU TOTAL70 Window and Door System comprises of a range of multi-chambered profiles that are designed to meet the requirements of the new build, commercial and domestic refurbishment markets.

For casement windows there are two aesthetic options to choose from. REHAU TOTAL70C is predominantly a Chamfered system with a part sculptured ‘T’ Sash option. This chamfered system is simple yet elegant, helping to create our beautiful contemporary frames.

REHAU TOTAL70S is a suite of fully Sculptured profiles offering heightened style to both modern and traditional properties.

Crafted using PVC, both systems guarantee maximum energy efficiency and performance for your investment.

The REHAU TOTAL70 PVCu profiles have been stylishly designed with a chamfered or sculptured detail with matching single leg beads to provide easy but secure on-site glazing. The system is suitable for both New Build and Refurbishment projects.

  • 70mm depth allows for the replacement of 3″ timber frames with less trimming up.
  • Noise reduction. The double-glazed sealed units considerably reduce outdoor noise levels.
  • Safety and security. REHAU TOTAL70 window and door systems can achieve the British Standard BS7950 and PAS 23/24 security standards. The multi-internal chambers allow further installation of larger steel reinforcements, if required.
  • Low maintenance. Our systems contain a unique compound with a smooth gloss finish – guaranteeing they retain their pristine appearance. It also means they will never warp, rot or need painting.
  • Energy efficiency. For excellent thermal properties and to achieve greater energy savings, the REHAU TOTAL70 window system easily achieves an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency.
  • REHAU TOTAL70 windows will comply with Part L Building Regulations, providing the correct glazing unit is used. This requirement is an overall U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K. REHAU TOTAL70 can achieve U-Values of 0.8 W/m2K using triple glazed Argon sealed units. This means that the systems are suitable for Passivhaus – currently the most energy efficient specification for a building throughout Europe.
  • Compatible with reversible windows, entrance doors, in-line tilt/slide patio doors and bi-fold doors. Can be incorporated into conservatory designs


  • 4mm to 44mm double glazing or triple glazing.
  • Option of low level gaskets, both manual and pre-inserted.
  • A security glazing gasket is available when extra security is required.
  • Run through sash horns and clip-on Georgian Bars.
  • French window style available.
  • Available in classic PVC White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Irish Oak, Simply White, Clotted Cream, Anthracite Grey and Black Brown as standard.
  • A further range of woodgrain and solid colour laminate options are available on special order. REHAU TOTAL70S is also available in Mahogany on special order.
  • Further colour options are available from our unique REHAU Acryl II colouring system, offering you a choice of 150 different RAL colours.
  • Larger reinforcement chambers allow for additional strength/rigidity when necessary.


REHAU have a triple glazed casement solution with a U-value of 0.8 which can be fabricated using the REHAU TOTAL70 70mm systems. In developing its 0.8 window, REHAU have introduced a solution that uses proven off the shelf components and requires no special machining or tooling set up.

The solution is based around our hugely popular REHAU TOTAL70 profile with a triple glazed Argon filled 44mm sealed unit. A standard bead from the REHAU range, which has been proven for many years with patio door panes up to 1200mm x 2100mm, neatly accommodates the glass without compromising the clear sightlines of the window.


The open out casement window has been fully weather tested to 600Pa, has achieved security accreditation to BS7950 and is fully certified to the 0.8 U-value at the BRE standard window size of 1230mm x 1480mm.


The really clever part about the window is a new REHAU THERMO foam module, which can be applied post manufacture, or on site. REHAU THERMO was originally developed in Germany using a moulded foam material, which is easy to handle and dust free when cut and provides the additional thermal efficiency necessary for the window to achieve the 0.8 U-value.


This simple and cost effective solution means that REHAU’s 70mm customers can now add a 0.8 triple glazed window to their product portfolio. There are no compromises to be made in terms of window aesthetics or sightlines, weather performance or security.

REHAU has calculated the cost savings for this triple glazed 0.8 U-value window over the conventional solution, using a Krypton filled sealed unit, and estimates that a typical window glass costs up to 50% less using the REHAU solution. This offers a very significant advantage to house builders and developers looking to meet energy efficiency regulations to domestic consumers, who appreciate the benefits of triple glazing, but without a significant price premium.


  • BS EN 12608 (BS 7412) KM 13358
  • BS 7950 KM 76189
  • PAS 23/24 KM 66461
  • BBA Report Nos. 1108 & 1309
  • Document L Complian

REHAU Tritec is our 60mm PVCu window and door system, designed to aesthetically complement both chamfered and sculptured options to create beautiful contemporary frames. Superior design and technology lies behind every REHAU Tritec window and door system. It’s crafted using PVCu, which fully guarantees maximum efficiency and performance for your investment.


  • Noise reduction. The double-glazed sealed units considerably reduce outdoor noise levels.
  • Safety and security. REHAU Tritec PVC window and door systems have achieved the British Standards BS7950 and PAS 23/24 security standards. The multi internal chambers allow further installation of larger steel reinforcements if required.
  • Low or no maintenance. REHAU window and door systems contain a unique compound with a smooth gloss finish, guaranteeing they retain their pristine appearance. It also means they will never warp, rot or need painting.
  • Elegant and durable, REHAU Tritec systems offer unrivalled quality and style and fully meet BSI standards.
  • REHAU’s single leg glazing beads and retention detail ensures easy yet secure on-site glazing.
  • The REHAU Tritec 60mm system has larger reinforcement chambers in order to allow for additional strength/rigidity when necessary.
  • The REHAU Tritec system allows for hardware to be fixed into steel, this therefore improves the technical performance.
  • Energy efficient. For excellent thermal properties and to achieve greater energy savings, REHAU Tritec windows can easily achieve an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency. All REHAU windows can achieve the minimum requirement, a C-rated Window Energy Rating (WER), and can therefore carry an ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ mark.
  • REHAU PVC windows and doors comply with Part L Building Regulations, providing the correct glazing unit is used. For windows this requirement is an overall U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K and for doors 1.8 W/m2K.


  • Option of low level gaskets, both manual and pre-inserted.
  • Sculptured ‘T’ sash available.
  • Run through sash horn detail.
  • Clip-on Georgian Bar and Arched Head Inserts.
  • A number of window styles are available with REHAU Tritec, including:
    – Internally and externally glazed casement windows
    – Bay and Bow windows
    – Pivot windows
    – Tilt & Turn windows
    – French windows
  • Available in classic PVC White, Rosewood, Golden Oak and Mahogany woodgrain as standard
  • There is also a choice of 19 special woodgrain and colour laminate options available to order including Anthracite Grey, Cream, Schwarzbraun (black/brown) and the increasingly popular White Ash.
  • Further colour options are available from our unique REHAU Acryl II colouring system offering you a choice of 150 different RAL colours

Rio Flush Casment

We’re unveiling our latest uPVC window design, the Rio Flush Fit Window – a realistic alternative to traditional timber windows and a sophisticated addition to any installers range

Created in a sleek, flush finish that blends in with the exterior structure, the new window offers a realistic timber look and feel with all the benefits of uPVC, no matter what style of property.

Colours & Finishes

Haute Panoramic

The range offers real competitive advantage for fabricators and installers as it features a wide array of colours, with 10 grained foil options in 20 different combinations to choose from. These include the addition of REHAU’s new and exclusive authentic wood effect foil, Turner Oak – Wood, along with the addition of a new grey base profile for Slate Grey and Anthracite Grey grained finishes – introduced based on insight into the latest homeowner trends. The product also has the option of featuring the same finish inside the home for a custom look consistent with the interior design.

Haute Panoramic

The Rio Turner oak flush fit window is a realistic alternative to traditional timber window. Turner Oak makes a real impact when combined with a fully welded joint option, adding a quality finish to the exterior of a traditional building.

Aluminum look

Haute Panoramic

The Rio flush fit window offers a modern look with grey finish laminates, as opposed to expensive aluminium window alternatives. Our anthracite grey foil and substrate combination offers inspiration and opens up options to provide a seamless interior appearance and a cost effective alternative to aluminium.

Haute Panoramic

Unrivaled Weather & Security performance

Rio Flush fit meets the highest BSI weather performance ratings on the market for wind, air and water. Our Rio flush fit is PAS 24 Security accredited,offering the homeowner peace of mind that their window can withstand weather conditions and provides a level of security to their home.


Haute Panoramic

REHAU Vertically Sliding Sash Window – The Future of Tradition

Sympathetic in style yet innovative in design, the REHAU Heritage Vertical Slider presents a whole world of new opportunity in both the replacement and new build markets. The REHAU Heritage window system has been developed following extensive consultation with conservation bodies and housing associations. The system offers a wide range of features and benefits.


UPVC Doors

The residential doors you choose for your property set the tone for your whole home.  Whether you are looking for an entrance door, french door, sliding patio door or a bi-fold door  – REHAU windows and door systems have the answer.

Offering a range of stylish options, a uPVC Doors manufactured using REHAU profiles are built to last and combine sturdy construction with a superb finish. Doors manufactured from REHAU systems offer you choice and versatility – whether you are looking for a glazed door, a door with a composite slab or a PVC panel door they can all accommodate the latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your uPVC door safe and secure (your REHAU installer will provide you with advice on this issue).

Fully compatible with all window styles a uPVC Door manufactured from REHAU profile ensures that you can ensure a high quality, consistent finish throughout your whole home.

And don’t forget – uPVC doors no longer have to be just white, now you can create a different aesthetic affect with a wide range of colours and finishes

Haute Panoramic

Haute Panoramic