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Aluminium sliding and folding sliding systems from Schüco

Vent dimensions: Max. width/max. height in mm

Maximum vent weight in kg

Vent face width in mm

Basic depth of outer frame in mm

Glass thickness in mm

Resistance class (RC)

Number of tracks


Sliding units for doors and windows
ASS 39 SC15001/ 26002160From 74From 6024 – 2821, 2 or 3Gearbox handle / retaining catch / door pull
ASS 39 SC TipTronic15001/ 26002160From 74From 6024 – 282Operating switch/rocker switch/indicator panel
ASS 43 / 4825001/ 26002230From 75From 8513 – 3221, 2 or 3Sliding handle/retaining catch
ASS 5030001/ 30002300From 84From 1208 – 3221, 2 or 3Sliding handle/retaining catch/door pull
ASS 77 PD.HI32001/ 35002500From 30From 200Up to 6022 or 3Wall-mounted switch
ASS 77 PD.SI32001/ 35002500From 30From 200Up to 6022 or 3Wall-mounted switch
ASS 28 SC.NI18001/ 25002160From 74From 606 and 202 or 3Gearbox handle / retaining catch / door pull
ASS 32.NI14001/ 3000280From 69From 504 – 182,3Gearbox handle / retaining catch
ASS 32 SC.NI18001/ 25002160From 53From 506 – 8 and 242 or 3Gearbox handle / retaining catch / door pull
ASS 39 PD.NI20001/ 34002270From 38From 107Up to 322 or 3Sliding handle/retaining catch/door pull
ASS 50.NI30001/ 30002150From 89From 1208 – 3222Sliding handle/retaining catch/door pull
ASS 77 PD.NI32001/ 35002500From 30From 200Up to 6022Wall-mounted switch
Lift-and-slide units for doors and windows
ASS 5030001 / 30002400From 84From 1208 – 3221, 2 or 3Crank handle
ASS 50 e-slide30001 / 30002250From 84From 1208 – 322Operating switch
ASS 70.HI30001 / 30002400From 88160Up to 5221, 2 or 3Crank handle
ASS 70.HI e-slide30001 / 30002250From 88From 160Up to 522Operating switch
ASS 50.NI30001 / 30002150From 891208 – 3222Crank handle
Tilt/slide (PASK) doors
Can be constructed with all
Schüco AWS
window series
22001 / 25002
depending on
From 50
Up to 67
on series
Up to 2
1Window handle / tilt/slide (PASK) handle/
crank handle
Folding sliding doors
ASS 70 FD12001 / 30002100From 54706 – 452Door handle / folding handle/ window handle
ASS 80 FD.HI12001 / 30002100From 5080Up to 532Door handle / folding handle/ window handle
ASS 50 FD.NI10001 / 2200255From 60508 – 30Door handle / folding handle


Range of feature handles

Door pulls for tilt/slide (PASK) windows and doors
Tilt/slide (PASK) doors with cavity fitted gearboxWith profile cylinder recess up to 130 kgTilt/slide (PASK) doors up to 200 kgLockable tilt/slide (PASK) doors
Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic
Door pulls for sliding doors
Door pull,inside only


With profile cylinder recess and flush handleWith profile cylinder recess inside and outside
Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic
Crank handles for lift-and-slide doors
Flush handle outsideWith profile cylinder recess and flush handleWith profile cylinder recess inside and outsideRemovable
Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic Haute Panoramic

Diverse Opening Options

Schüco sliding systems offer perfect functionality and the diverse opening options open up special design possibilities:

  • Sliding doors
  • Lift-and-slide doors
  • Tilt/slide (PASK) doors
  • Folding sliding doors

Thanks to the wide choice of colours and profiles,the transparent sliding constructions can be perfectly tailored to the architecture of a house or conservatory both inside and out. This creates an harmonious overall appearance and visually striking accents

Haute Panoramic

Sliding Doors

Haute Panoramic

A door is required that can simply be pushed to one side when necessary and creates generous openings of up to two-thirds of the unit width. Schüco sliding doors operate almost silently in corrosion-free stainless steel tracks.

All sliding units run in a single plane, with no unsightly vent protruding into the room. The scope of installation ideas is considerably greater thanks to sliding doors from Schüco. It is possible to combine up to six glazed frames depending on requirements.

Sliding units are also an ideal solution for dividing spaces indoors while retaining flexibility and transparency. The variety of colours is so great that you are guaranteed to find the right colour for the setting.

Lift-and-slide doors

It is surprising how easy a lift-and-slide door made from aluminium profiles is to move. When closed, the door is perfectly weather-tight, providing excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction, while its burglar-resistant properties ensure your personal security.

Loft apartment with exclusive views Lift-and-slide doors must be opened to one side or from the middle. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and therefore flexible options for creating living spaces that are flooded with light.

Haute Panoramic

Haute Panoramic

Tilt/slide (PASK) doors

Haute Panoramic

Tilt/slide: the ideal combination of sliding door and turn/tilt window is practical and simple to operate. For ventilation purposes, the vent of the tilt/slide window doors alone can be tilted or the entire area can be opened up very easily. Tilt/slide vents are stylishly flush-fitted in the frame units on the outside and face-fitted on the inside, thereby providing optimum weather tightness.

Tilt/slide (PASK) door closed

Haute Panoramic

Tilt/slide (PASK) door in tilt position

Haute Panoramic

Tilt/slide (PASK) door open

Haute Panoramic

Folding sliding doors

Haute Panoramic

Folding sliding doors from Schüco are truly amazing space savers. They allow entire glass
walls to be almost completely opened. The individual units are simply folded into a small space and pushed to the side – quickly and compactly. There are two options available depending on the area of use:

Highly thermally insulated folding sliding doors for external use

The door leaf stack for this thermally insulated door can be folded inwards or outwards very easily and moved to the right and/or left. The door leaves roll almost silently on roller carriers. They are securely guided at the top and at the bottom. This creates the ideal connection between the interior and exterior.

Non-insulated folding sliding doors for use indoors

The non-insulated folding sliding door is the ideal choice in areas in which no additional thermal insulation is required. The door system can be opened fully to extend living spaces and offices.

With Schüco, comfort is fully automatic

Increased comfort in the home thanks to building automation. Your little finger is all you need to open or close large doors. One look is all you need to check that all doors are closed. And one call to your Schüco partner is all you need to increase your quality of life even further with Schüco sliding systems

Schüco–The convenient way to operate sliding doors

Operated at the touch of a button

The more smoothly sliding doors operate, the easier they are to use. To this end, we have developed e-slide technology. This allows leaf weights of up to 500 kg or units measuring 3.5 x 3.2 metres to be lifted fully automatically, very quietly and quickly. Children, the elderly and the comfort-conscious in particular will appreciate this. The concealed e-slide automatic function is operated using a keypad on the leaf, a wall-mounted switch or centrally, if it is integrated in the building management system.

Schüco e-slide is fully automatic for sliding and lift-and-slide installations. Thanks to intelligent software, the e-slide drive has integrated anti-finger trap protection.

No chance of being locked out

Inadvertently locked out on the balcony or patio? Not with the fingerprint reader. With this biometric system integrated outside in the door profile, the lift-and-slide door is un-locked automatically by passing a finger over the thermal strip. Assuming, of course, that the fingerprint has first been logged in the system. There is no chance of unauthorised modification, providing secure protection against unwanted visitors.

Energy through automation

The automatically-controlled building envelope is a topic with a great future. Numerous functions such as ventilation,regulating room climate, shading, security and generating energy must be combined to optimise energy consumption. This is achieved with automatic opening and closing systems for sliding systems that control natural ventilation cycles, as well as daylight and sun-light-dependent shading systems, which ideally are coupled with internal lighting, heating and climate control.

Centrally controlled windows and doors can be used, on the one hand, for generating energy and, on the other hand,for night-time cooling of the building via the controlled opening of windows.

It is a stated aim of Schüco that all active elements in a building envelope be networked electronically and controlled automatically. This allows for the full energy efficiency potential of the building envelope to be exploited. The radio controlled Schüco Wireless Control System allows for automation without the need for cabling, making it suitable for building modernisation.

Using communication modules such as iPad,iPhone, Blackberry etc. as a means of control opens up new possibilities for operation, setting and use of opening units as well as for solar shading, anti-glare protection, light control and climate regulation.

Security: the door is the key

Protected day and night. With Schüco, security is not just a feeling, but a certainty. Through innovative technology that cannot be seen, but can be felt. When fingers can no longer be trapped. When doors close and lock automatically. And when insurance is reduced in price as a result.

Integrated Security

Schüco aluminium sliding systems fulfil almost every requirement in terms of functionality, comfort and design – and simultaneously meet high security requirements.

One substantial advantage is the high material stability of the aluminium profiles, which contributes to increased burglar resistance. Depending on the sliding system fittings used, a burglar resistance classification of up to resistance class 2 (RC2) is possible.

A suitable security system is also available for electrically operated sliding units: Schüco e-Slide features reliable anti finger trap protection which is based on intelligent software.

This ensures that the vent immediately reverses if it encounters an obstacle such as a person or an object. Any such obstacle can even be recognised via an optional infrared sensor as soon as it comes within a specified distance of the system.

Resistance classes in burglar resistance

Components in this security class provide basic protection against attack using body weight, such as kicking,flying kick, shoulder charge, lifting upwards and tearing out.
Opportunist burglars also use simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges to try to break into locked and bolted building components.

Monitoring of opening and closing

And just in case you would like to make doubly sure: on request, Schüco offers integrated monitoring of opening and closing with a confirmation function for electronic locking controls when leaving the home. This monitoring system also has an interface which can be integrated into the building automation and can be combined with alarm systems. In this way, you can customise increased security for your home and family.