The Schüco lift and slide systems ASS 50 and ASS 70.HI are optimal solutions for the implementation of extensive sliding elements. In addition to the familiar good running characteristics, the following products improve the vent operation even more.

Handle damper – Soft movement damping of the operating handle
Integrated into the lift and sliding fitting, the handle damper slows lowering of the vent. In addition, the handle movement is gently steamed when lowering the vent. The comfort when operating the Schüco system is thus increased appreciably. The high quality of the product is perceived even more intensely by the user. The handle damper can be used in vents from 100 kg.

Tension Spring – Reduction of operating forces up to 50 % when lifting the vent
With the tension spring, which is also integrated into the lift and sliding fitting, lifting of the vent is even more comfortable. The user is supported when lifting the vent by the spring power and expends up to 50 % less power (depending on the weight of the vent). The tension spring can be mounted quick and easily into every lift and slide gear box. The use of the tension spring is recommended from a vent weight of 200 kg.

The combination of both products offers optimal ease of use. The products are available from stock and included in the order and fabrication catalogues (online). Integration into SchüCal will be done with the next data transfer.