OS System

Haute Panoramic

Haute Panoramic

OS20 Standard

Haute Panoramic

OS20 Invisible Floor

Haute Panoramic

OS20 Pivot Doors

Haute Panoramic

OS Guillotine Door

OS Minimalist Sliding Systems

The OS sliding systems range is comprehensive and can accommodate the most challenging of designs. The robust solutions can accommodate a single sash of glazing of up to 1000kg, with a height of up to 6m and a width of up to 4m.

All of the systems can be double or triple-glazed and are available in an array of configurations and opening options.

OS20 – S Standard

Specifically designed for larger frames, the OS minimalist sliding system rose as an answer to the most contemporary architectural trends. Aiming to combine the maximum transparency with the minimum structural view available in the traditional and concealed versions. The concealed versions details aluminium covers and concealed continuous flooring. Combined with the motorized opening systems, the OS System allows the design of frames of larger dimensions.

The system is available in 3 different base options:

  • OS20-S Standard
  • OS20-L Low Threshold
  • OS20-I Invisible Floor

The maximum weight per section for manual operation is 500kg and 1000kg for triple glazed with mandatory motor operation.

Haute Panoramic

OS20 – L Low Threshold

The system is available from a single track pocket door solution up to an 8 track system and can also be provided with a frameless corner solution.

Haute Panoramic

OS2O – I Invisible Floor

Haute Panoramic

OS20 – P Minimalist Pivoting System

Combining the slim sightlines of minimalist framed sliding glass doors, Sosoares has developed the OS20-P which is a full height window that can pivot open when required.

The OS20-P details slim profiles and integrated locking into a pivoting element that can reach heights of up to 6m and widths of up to 3m across. Discrete pivoting points allow the large glass element to move effortlessly within its aluminium frame.

Flush thresholds and a frameless open aperture are possible by hiding the head and base framing within the floor and ceiling.

OS20 – G Minimalist Guillotine System

The minimalist aluminium framing of Sosoares most leading large sliding glass doors is now available as a large, contemporary guillotine window. The large sliding glass panes can be specified up to a colossal 6m wide and 12m tall per installation with the minimalist aluminium holding framing. The configurations available are a three pane, centrally opening glass elevation or a two pane, top opening glass elevation.

Haute Panoramic

OS Balcony System

Introducing the Frameless Balustrade system. A unique contemporary design where profiles are manufactured from aluminium and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Designed to accept mono and laminated glass thickness of 12mm – 21.5mm.

Full range of straight and corner profiles with integrated water drainage. Fixings available for concrete, masonry and timber.

Haute Panoramic

Test Results

CE marking  (EN 14351-1: 2006 + A1: 2010)
Air permeability:Class 3
Water tightnessClass 7A
Wind Resistance:Class B2
PresentationOS-Simple | OS-Double | OS-Triple
Fixed HoopsOS-Simple and OS-Double: 52 mm | 119 mm | 186mmOS Triple: 78mm | 169mm
Mobile HoopsOS-Simple and OS-Double: 46 mm | 71 mm | 96 mmOS-Simple: 70mm | 94mm | 118mm
Central HoopsOS-Simple and OS-Double: 64mm | 65 mm | 90 mm | 100 mmOS-Triple: 90mm | 126mm | 146mm
Side view30 mm
Central View20 mm
Superior Views and lower0 mm
FillingOS-Simple: 10mm | 12mm | 16mmOS-Double: 32mm | 35mm (tempered glass)

OS-Triple: 56mm (tempered glass)

Weightmaximum / sheetOS-Simple and OS-Double: 500KgOS-Triple: 1000Kg (with power steering)
Areamaximum / OS-Simple and OS-Double: 8,00m²OS-Triple: 14,00m²
sizeMaximum Height 3500 mmMaximum width 4500 mm

For more information on the OS System Please contact our Sales Team to find out more on 0800 999 8200 or email them at info@hautepanoramic.co.uk