Terms & Conditions

Haute Panoramic

Welcome to the hautepanoramic.co.uk website terms and conditions for use.


The following are the terms and conditions based on which we will deliver products to you.

1.1 Why you should read them.

Please read all of these terms carefully before you submitting your order to us. By submitting your order or confirming your shipping address or subscription, you agree to be legally bound by these terms. The terms inform the following:

  • Who we are
  • How we will supply our products to you
  • How you and we may alter the terms of terminate the contract
  • What needs to be done in case of a problem
  • Other concomitant information.

Please note: If you identify or feel that there are errors in these terms or if any changes need to be incorporated, please contact us to discuss the same.


2.1 Who we are.

The name of our company is Haute Panoramic, and the company registration number is 10411134. The registered office is as follows:

Wisteria, Grange Barn , Pikes End, Pinner HA5 2EX. Registered VAT number 255 7478 67.

2.2 How to contact us.

You can contact us by telephoning our customer service team on +44 (0) 800 999 8200 or by writing to us at our address above, or by email to info@haute.co.uk.

2.3 How we may contact you.

When we are required to get in touch with you, will do so through

1) The aforementioned telephone and email address

2) Physically mailing you at the postal address provided to us by you in your order.

2.4 Contours of “Writing”

When the words “writing” or “written” are explicitly mentioned during the course of these terms, they are inclusive of emails.


3.1 The process of accepting orders.

We will accept the order placed by you after having conducted a survey of the installation site. As an addendum, we shall inform you of the ability to supply and install the product (or supply only during instances when you make your own arrangements for installation) and confirm your agreement with the stated price. Furthermore, we will hand over a written Confirmation of Order which denotes the exact moment in time when the binding contract between both parties will come into existence. In case of any discrepancy between these terms and our Confirmation of Order, the latter shall always prevail.

3.2 Rejection of order.

We will keep you informed in the event are unable to accept your order. This might be attributed to several reasons, including:

  • Product is out of stock
  • Due to unexpected limits on our resources which we could not plan for beforehand
  • We have located an error in the description or price of the product
  • We are unable to meet the condition specified by you.

3.3 Your order number.

We shall assign a quote number upon the receipt of your order and disclose the same to you after dispatching our Confirmation of Order. This quote number will help us identify the exact product whenever you establish contact with us about any matter concerning your order.


4.1 Possible variations of products from pictures.

It is important to remember that the images of products shown on our website as well as associated marketing materials are strictly for representational purposes. In other words, they must not be construed to constitute part of the agreement. For this reason, we would be unable to guarantee that they reflect the precise colour of products which will be eventually supplied to you. Whilst we make every conceivable effort on our part to accurately display colours for indicative purposes, we shall not be held responsible if they fail to indicate the colour of actual products with the exact same precision. Changes in lighting shall be deemed to affect the manner in which our products appear on the images. As a result, it is possible for your product to vary slightly from those images.

4.2 Ensuring the accuracy of measurements – supply only contracts.

In case we are manufacturing the product in accordance with the measurements provided to us by you, we shall not be responsible for ascertaining the accuracy of these measurements. To that end, you are strongly recommended to permit one of our own surveyors to undertake the inspection of your property in order to confirm the products’ measurements. In addition, you are also advised to utilize our own in-house installation service. We shall not accept any liability for any errors and omissions or a combination thereof, on your part, by undertaking any part of installation yourself or by getting the installation done from a third party. We shall also not be held responsible for any costs incurred from, or caused by you having furnished incorrect specifications/measurements to us.


5.1 Guarantees on our products

  • Aluminium Products – We guarantee aluminium frames against joint failure and distortion for a period of 10 years from the date of installation and/or delivery.
  • Glass – We guarantee glass sealed units against the non-functioning of hermetical seals (for example, misting occurring between panes) for a period of 10 years from the date on which the product is delivered. The exception to this is the glass involving blinds; please refer to clause 5.1 (c). Importantly, this guarantee excludes breakage of glass after it has been installed, the prevention of which shall be deemed your responsibility.
  • Blinds – We guarantee blinds against defects for a period of 5 years from the date of installation. Importantly, any glass units containing blinds shall only cover guarantee for 5 years. The blind guarantee shall supersede the glass guarantee.
  • We guarantee stainless steel products for a period of 10 years so long as they are maintained in congruence with our recommendations. Please refer to clause 8.2(c) for further information.
  • We do not cover glass sealed units by inclusions of nickel sulphide and therefore, damages.
  • We make it a point to diligently follow the guidelines laid down by Glass and Glazing Federation (or GGF) for clarity and quality of glass; such guidelines are deemed for inclusion in our agreement.
  • Certass – We will issue a Certass guarantee in case the products installed by us are windows and/or replacement doors. Guarantees for Certass are not applicable for products installed within new buildings, new extensions, or new openings made in either existing buildings, or those situated in Scotland.
  • When we replace glass units that are within the stated guarantee period, we shall do so on a case-to-case basis. In the event of the unavailability of the exact replacement, we shall deliver the nearest equivalent that is available.
  • Our guarantee excludes the cost associated with lifting equipment or specialist handling necessary to substitute products under guarantee in instances where the need arises given that access for the site has become increasingly difficult under installation.
  • Powder Coating – Barring pressings, our powder coated products are guaranteed for 10 years concerning paintwork, against corrosion or fading. In this regard, we comply with the guidelines laid down by Qualicoat (14th edition).
  • Powder coated products are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against corrosion or fading in case the installation takes place within half a mile of the sea.
  • Whilst deploying powder coated products within half a mile of the sea, we reserve the right to lower the guarantee period since the sea air is increasingly corrosive. We shall provide details about the guarantee period after having conducted our survey.
  • We would not be able to provide guarantee for the colour of thermal break (or plastic polyamide between different aluminium sections), which is not impervious to change in colour over a period of time.
  • You are obligated to ensure the regular maintenance of the elements of stainless steel concerning the products delivered to you, so as to sustain their appearance. For this purpose, a lightweight cloth or nylon brush must be used. No scouring or abrasive brush must be used upon any product since it runs the risk of damaging or scratching the stainless steel surface.
  • In case the stainless steel is situated in close proximity to a location where there is heavy atmospheric dirt and or traffic, it is important to provide regular cleaning to the film, otherwise the stainless steel may be damaged by brown staining.
  • Our quality guarantee will be void in the absence of regular cleaning. Based on the type of product, the discoloured item made of stainless steel may not always be replaceable and the complete product might need to get replaced in entirety to reinstate the original appearance. In such circumstances, the company will only be responsible for substituting the product after the payment of prevailing market price.
  • In case the products are bought on supply-only basis, we shall guarantee hinges, locking mechanisms and other moving parts for a period of 12 months from the date on which it is delivered. However, our guarantee does not cover the cosmetic deterioration of letter plates, handles as well as other fittings caused by wear and tear.
  • We reserve the option to repair or replace faulty components and remediate any labour-related faults, for 10 years from the date of installation as long as you have maintained the products in conformance with the product operating manual provided to you.
  • If we arrive at a reasonably considered decision that defects have taken place due to the failure in maintaining the product as per the instructions of your product manual, it is within our rights to charge you a call out and labour fee along with the cost of necessary replacement components.


6.1 Responsibility of informing us concerning handling and lifting equipment.

When placing your order, you would assume the responsibility of informing us whether you feel that any lifting equipment, including crane, is necessary to deploy our product at your site. Our quotation would exclude the cost of lifting/handling equipment unless the same is discussed with us. We shall identify the need for such equipment whilst conducting a site survey and cannot determine the cost beforehand. If the availability of such equipment is necessary for installation purposes, we shall discuss the associated cost after survey and ensure a mutual consensus before the issuance of the Confirmation of Order.

6.2 Exception of responsibility for handling/lifting equipment.

We shall not assume any responsibility for handling/lifting equipment used for moving or installing our products, unless it comes under our ownership or has been deployed by us.

We will not be responsible for costs of handling/lifting equipment due to adverse weather conditions preventing the installation to take place. This cost will be charged as an additional cost.


7.1 Timing of taking measurements

We take the measurements of the openings’ size wherein our products would be installed while conducting our survey in order to make our products fit into your requirements.

7.2 Responsibility of ascertaining the construction of openings.

In case you are conducting building work that can potentially impact the installation, the responsibility lies with you to make sure to ascertain that the construction of the openings is in accordance with the products ordered with us. This is specified in the survey information given to you.


8.1 Claim Notification

You must notify all claims related with guarantee in writing and email the same at info@haute.co.uk promptly and, in any case, within 7 days of identifying the problem.

8.2 Guarantee T&Cs and Warranties

All guarantees and warranties are subject to the conditions mentioned below:

  • It is necessary for us to have received full payment for our products;
  • You are required to have maintained the products in line with Operating and Maintenance Guide, where provided, and manufacturer’s instructions, and not made any changes into the Goods;
  • With regard to the warranties mentioned at 5.1(a), 5.1(b) as well as products containing stainless steel fittings, the installation of the Goods must have taken place by us. In terms of other warranties, either the company or a professional installer must have completed the installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • It is mandatory for you to complete and return any warranty-related document provided to you by us (when applicable);
  • We shall not be liable with respect to any product-related defects caused by any design, drawing or specification provided by you;
  • We shall not assume any liability with regard to either cosmetic deterioration or minor imperfections arising out of environmental factors or normal wear and tear.
  • You are recommended to seek our advice before making an attempt to attach fittings (e.g. a home alarm) or devices on or around products.
  • You are mandated to notify us of all warranty claims in writing promptly; in any event, the notification must be made within a period of 14 days from the claim becoming evident.
  • The aforementioned warranties are separate from your legal rights with respect to services that are not rendered without reasonable care and skill or do not adhere to these terms even otherwise. The place where you are signing this Agreement as a private/domestic consumer, recommendations and advice pertaining to your legal rights can be availed from your local Trading Standards or Citizens’ Advice Bureau’s office.
  • These terms are applicable on all replacement products supplied by us to you in the unlikely event that original products fail to adhere to such terms.


9.1 Extensions

Upon the expiry of your product guarantee, you reserve the right to extend it after we have inspected and evaluated the service of the stated product.

9.2 Transfer

You may also be able to transfer the product guarantee upon the sale of your property to the new owner after having received the written proof of property transfer and concluded the payment of our prevailing charges outlined on our website.

Please visit www.hautepanoramic.co.uk to seek additional information


10.1 Minor changes into the products.

We reserve the right to make changes in the product without notice for the following reasons:

  1. To reflect the alterations in pertinent regulatory and legal requirements; and
  2. To incorporate minor technical adjustments as well as enhancements.

Please note: Such changes will not impact, in any manner, your usage of the product.

10.2 More significant alterations and the associated terms.

If we are required to make substantial alterations in either the product or these terms, you may establish contact with us to terminate the contract upon the notification by us and then claim a full refund before the stated changes take effect:


11.1 Delivery costs.

The delivery costs are included in the price confirmed by us to you upon our issuance of the Confirmation of Order.

11.2 Timing of providing the products.

We will inform you about the timing of supplying the products to you during the order process

11.3 No responsibility for delays caused by factors beyond our control.

In case the delivery of any of our product is caused by an event or factor that is beyond our control, we shall inform you about the same as early as possible and take all possible measures to minimise the impact of this deferment. Provided we notify you of the delays, we shall not be held liable for such an event. However, in case there is a risk of significant deferment, you could contact us to terminate the contract before receiving a refund for the products for which you have made the payment in full, but have not yet received.

11.4 Collection by you.

If you have sought the collection of products from our trading address as a supply only customer, we will suggest you about the timing of this collection from us during our working hours only: 9:00am to 5:00pm from Mondays to Fridays.

11.5 Collection from our trading address.

If you intend to collect our products from our trading address as a supply only customer, you would assume the responsibility of loading your vehicle, unless an agreement to the contrary has been specifically reached. Notably, these products remain at your peril from the time you commence the loading process.

11.6 Absence of home when the product is delivered.

In the event there is no one at your residential premises to collect the products, we shall leave a note informing you about their return to our premises. In this case, please get in touch with us for rearranging the delivery.

Please note: Redelivery may entail a charge.

11.7 Restricted Access.

Given the fact that our products may be required to be supplied on a large vehicle on account of being heavy, you should advise us of details related to any curtailed access (for example, overhanging trees/ narrow drive/uneven surfaces like cobbles or gravel) prior to delivery. This is important because it can allow us to use the feasible vehicle for your delivery. In the absence of this information, it is possible that we may be unable to supply the product at the intended address provided by you and as a consequence, the product might need to get returned at the premises, which would obligate you to pay reasonable charges for storage and/or rearrangement of delivery.

11.8 Unloading for supply only customers.

Upon reaching an agreement to supply the products, we will place them at the closest safe point to the address of delivery, which may include on the drive or even kerbside. Unless agreed otherwise, you would bear the responsibility of arranging someone to remain physically present at the address of delivery with appropriate handling equipment upon the delivery of product. In the event you do not do so, it may result in the product being returned to our premises. As a result, you may be obligated to pay reasonable charges for storage and/or rearrangement of delivery.

11.9 No re-arrangement of delivery.

In case you fail to arrange the collection of product from us or you do not collect it from us or re-arrange delivery following a failed delivery, we will establish contact with you for additional instructions on this matter. You may also be held liable to pay storage costs and other costs associated with delivery. If, we are not able to reach you for collection or re-arrangement despite our reasonable efforts, we may terminate the contract, in which case clause 13.2 shall be applicable.

11.10 When you assume responsibility for the product.

It will be your responsibility to take care of the product from the time it is delivered by us to the address provided to us or a carrier arranged on your part collect it from us.

11.11 Ownership of goods.

You may take ownership of the product after we have received the full payment.


12.1 Before the payment and delivery.

You reserve the right to terminate the contract concerning the delivery of a product before you have paid for it and we have processed it. However, if you choose to terminate it without a compelling reason, you may be liable to compensate us as per the terms mentioned below. You can always exercise your rights in case a product is faulty or mis-described (please refer to clause 15).

12.2 Good reasons for terminating the contract.

If you decide to terminate the contract for the three reasons outlined below, it will end with immediate effect. We shall then issue full refund for any products that are yet to be supplied or have not been supplied adequately or processed:

  1. We have informed you of an imminent alteration to either the product or Terms that you do not agree with;
  2. The delivery of the product could be substantially deferred due to events beyond our control;
  3. You retain a legal right for terminating the contract due to a wrongdoing on our part.

12.3 If you terminate the contract without good reason.

If you do not terminate the contract due to a reason outlined under clause 12.2, it will end with immediate effect. We will issue the refund for any amount paid to us by you for products that have not been supplied. However, we may deduct a reasonable compensation from that refund concerning the net costs to be incurred by us as a consequence of your decision to terminate the contract. In case the bespoke product has been manufactured by us when the contract is ended, we would find it extremely difficult to sell your product for an amount similar to the one used for compensating for our losses.


13.1 Violation of terms

If you violate the terms of the contract regarding a product, we reserve the right to end it any time by writing to you if:

  • You fail to issue any payment to us even when it is due;
  • You do not make any payment within a period of 14 days from us sending you reminders about the due amount;
  • You fail to, within a reasonable time fame of us seeking it, furnish the information necessary for us to supply the products as per your order;
  • You fail to, within a reasonable time frame, enable us to supply the products to you or get it collected from us;
  • You do not, within a reasonable time frame, furnish the requisite information that allows us to re-supply the products to you, as outlined under clause 11.9.

13.2 Compensation

If you breach the contract, you would be obligated to compensate us for the violation. In the event we terminate the contract as per the situations outlined in clause 13.1, we will issue the refund for any amount paid to us by you in advance for products that have not been supplied to you. However, we may reserve the right to deduct or ask you to pay a reasonable compensation for the costs to be incurred by us after terminating the contract. This compensation will be inclusive of any suffered by us whilst reselling the products, in addition to interest, storage and other costs incurred by us.


14.1 Informing us about the problems.

Should you have any complaints or questions concerning the products, please establish contact with us. You can:

  • Call us
  • Inform us in writing via the contact details at the commencement of such terms
  • Meet us at one of our showrooms.

14.2 Summarizing your legal rights.

We are legally duty-bound to deliver products that adhere to the terms of the contract. Please refer to the below box to know more about your important legal rights in reference to our products. Your legal rights will not be affected by anything mentioned in these terms.

This contains a brief summary of your important legal rights which are subject to some exceptions. In order to seek detailed information in this regard, please visit the www.adviceguide.org.uk (Citizens Advice website) or call them on 03454 04 05 06.

In the event your product falls under the category of goods, the goods should be as per the description, of satisfactory quality and fit for the stated purpose, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Your legal rights may confer the following entitlements upon you during the anticipated lifespan of your product:

  • Up to 30 days: you can get the refund if your item is found to be faulty.
  • Up to 6 months: You are entitled to the issuance of a full refund in the event your faulty item cannot be repair or replaced (in most cases).
  • Up to 6 years: You could be entitled for either a repair or replacement. If that does not work out, you may have some of your money returned.
  • If the product falls under services e.g. for the installation of your products, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 specifies the following:
  • You my request us to fix or repair a service in case it is not conducted using reasonable skill and care, or get your money returned if we cannot fix it.
  • If you are yet to agree for a cost upfront, the amount you are asked to pay must be reasonable
  • If you are yet to agree for a time upfront, it needs to be conducted within a reasonable time frame.

14.3 Obligation for returning rejected products.

In the event you wish to claim your rights of rejecting products, you must do the following:

  • Give them back to the exact place from where you bought them
  • Send them directly back to us if the products are not feasible for physical posting
  • Allow us to get them collected from you.

We shall bear responsibility of the costs associated with both collection and postage. Please call us or communicate with us in writing at the aforementioned contact details so that we can make appropriate arrangements for collection.


15.1 Ascertaining the product’s price.

Our staff will give you price-specific details of the products (inclusive of delivery, installation, VAT, etc.) whilst informing you about the findings of our survey and prior to the issuance of a Confirmation of Order in writing.

15.2 Changes in VAT rates.

In the event there is a change in VAT rate from the date on which you placed the order till the date of product delivery, we will make adjustments in the payable VAT rate unless the full payment has already been made by you before the revised VAT rate comes into effect.

15.3 Timing and terms of payment.

Payments made using Mastercard, Visa and debit card are acceptable to us. The amount that you are required to pay varies with the product being purchased. Your debit or credit card shall not be charged by us until the payment is due on your part. Instead, your card shall be charged with:

  • 25% of the anticipated order value in the form of deposit
  • 50% of the overall order value relating to pre-materials
  • 20% of the total order price relating to pre-manufacturing
  • 5% of the total price that needs to be paid seven working days prior to the date of installation
  •  Supply only orders – 75% of the total order value when you give us your order and 25% before delivery or collection.

15.4 Interest rate for late payment.

In the event of deferred payments, we may be liable to impose interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 5% annually in excess of the base lending rate that is charged by Barclays Bank plc. However, if this lending rate is 0% (or lower), we shall reserve the right to charge interest at 5% to be accrued daily from the due date of payment till the actual date of payment, regardless of whether this occurs prior to or following the judgment. You are required to pay the interest along with any amount that is overdue.

15.5 Ambiguity on invoice.

If you opine that the preparation of invoice has been faulty, please get in touch with us as soon as possible in this manner. We would not impose any interest until the resolution of this matter.


16.1 Responsibility for foreseeable loss and damage caused to you.

In the event of contravention of these terms, we would assume the responsibility for any losses/damages inflicted upon you as a foreseeable ramification of our violation of the terms of agreement or on account of our inability to ensure reasonable skill and care. Notably, a loss or damage is deemed foreseeable if it is evident that both parties were aware of the possibility or likelihood of such damage or loss at the time of preparing the contract. However, we would not be responsibility for compensating any loss or damage that cannot be considered to be foreseeable.

16.2 Damage caused to your property.

If we inadvertently cause any damage to your property when rendering services in or related to that property, we shall compensate you for the same. However, we would not be liable to bear the costs associated with the repair of:

  • Pre-existing faults
  • Damage identified by us when rendering the services.

16.3 Non-liability for business losses.

Please be informed that our products are specifically intended for private and domestic usage. In the event our products are utilised for purposes of business, commercial or re-sale, we shall not bear the responsibility to compensate you for any lost business opportunity, loss of profit or interruption of business.


17.1 We shall not deviate from the guidelines outlined in our Privacy Policy when it comes to the usage of your personal information. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found on our website www.hautepanoramic.co.uk


18.1 Transferability of agreement.

We reserve the right for transferring our rights as well as obligations under the terms of the agreement to another organisation. In case that does happen, we shall inform you about the same in writing and ensure that such a transfer does not impact your rights in any manner.

18.2 Consent for transferring your rights.

It is necessary for you to obtain our prior consent in order to transfer your rights to a third party (the exception is that you are allowed to transfer our guarantee subject to the payment of transfer fee).

For further details in this matter, you are advised to refer to clause 9.1.

18.3 Illegality of the contract.

If a court or any other relevant authority comes to the conclusion that some portion of this contract fails to be considered legal, the rest of the terms shall continue to have full effect. This is because all of the paragraphs of the stated terms operate in an independent manner.

18.4 Delay in enforcement.

In the event the company does not require you to do anything under these terms, or in case there is a delay by us in taking steps against for your violation of this contract, you may not imply that you are not required to do the needful. In addition, it shall not forbid us from taking appropriate steps against you at a subsequent date. As an illustration, if you end up missing a due payment and we do not issue any reminders for it whilst continuing to provide the products; you could still be asked to pay that amount at a subsequent date.

18.5 Laws applicable to this contract.

The aforementioned terms are governed and implemented in conformance with English law. Therefore, you can exercise your right to initiate legal proceedings concerning the in English courts only. Scottish residents can commence legal proceedings in either English or Scottish courts. Meanwhile residents of Northern Ireland can begin legal proceedings in Northern Irish or English courts.